About Nethram

Nethram is a Silicon Valley based telecommunications and cloud innovator. 

Our Mission

We believe that highly effective software applications and bespoke development should not only be accessible to the big budget companies.

Our mission is to provide the same solutions that the big boys use at an affordable price by listening to your needs and providing you with what you actually want.

This website is a testimonial to our vision. Simple, no-frills and no-nonsense. 

Our Services


We believe that clever use of telecommunications can greatly improve efficiency, reduce barriers and can improve reach.

We assist our clients with highly specialized and customized solutions for making telecommunication easier to use to realize their full potential. With our combined thirty years plus experience, we are experts in telecommunications and have made telecommunications easier to use for our clients.

Our expertise includes :

  • Telecommunications Tools
  • IVR Systems
  • Deep Analytics
  • PBXs
  • SMS
  • VOIP
  • Customized Asterisk Deployments
  • Twilio Applications

Cloud Services

When a company grows, so does its computing resource requirements. In today's fast paced growth, it is imperative to have a way to scale the computing resources, while maintaining flexibility. Cloud computing offers such a flexibility.

We assist our clients to migrate their existing system to the cloud and develop highly efficient and scalable systems.

We are experts in Amazon AWS Services which offers a number of remote computing web services that make up a cloud computing platform.

Video Services

The TV is being replaced by the Smart TV which grants the viewers greater flexibility over what they watch. Roku is one such device which provides a wide selection of content that can be watched on-demand.

We are experts in Creating and Maintaining Channels for Roku. This gives a greater reach for the content owner, with possibilities to monetize.

We Boast About

  • We have developed tools to remove the tedious process of manual configuration of telecommunications equipment.
  • We have developed highly customized Asterisk based telephony Servers
  • We have developed highly customized Interactive IVR Systems
  • We have developed tools which convert common Call Details Record (CDR) to Statistical Data for detailed analysis
  • We have developed Android apps for VoIP and Group Calling using twilio in the backend
  • We have developed a tool that sends customized SMS or Voice to turn customers into clients
  • We have developed customized telephony applications, such as automated pre-recorded telephone calls from celebrities
  • Our extensive reach of the Android apps and Roku channels we have developed
  • A list of highly satisfied customers
  • Agile Development methodology, for quick development with greater flexibility
  • Our ears more than our mouth

Our Products

Kuvi is our first product. Kuvi makes group calling fun.

Kuvi Android App enables Kuvi for Android Phones.

Incredibly fast customized bulk SMS and voice call solutions.