About Nethram

Nethram is a Silicon Valley based telecommunications and cloud innovator. 

Our Mission

We believe that highly effective software applications and bespoke development should not only be accessible to the big budget companies.

Our mission is to provide the same solutions that the big boys use at an affordable price by listening to your needs and providing you with what you actually want.

This website is a testimonial to our vision. Simple, no-frills and no-nonsense. 

Our Services

We are highly specialized and provide the following services:

Amazon AWS:  A number of remote computing web services that make up a cloud computing platform. Amazon’s AWS make it possible for businesses to rent computing and data resources as-needed, helping keep IT costs down.

Asterisk: A free PBX which gives the capability of high-end business telephone systems, plus

much more. It's also the cheapest telephone system. This software costs nothing and also runs on low-cost Linux web servers.

Twilio: Twilio provides a way to programatically make and receive calls and SMSs. Twilio makes it easier to deploy telecom applications.

Roku:  Roku is a popular digital media receiver that enables to create channels.

Our Products

Kuvi is our first product. Kuvi makes group calling fun.